{ "1st_step_content": { "title": "OrCam Learn", "benefits": [ { "list_item_text": "Read text from any surface" }, { "list_item_text": "Reading pal" }, { "list_item_text": "Analytics and reports via companion app" }, { "list_item_text": "Full page capture" }, { "list_item_text": "Voice activated" }, { "list_item_text": "Works everywhere" }, { "list_item_text": "Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity" } ], "colors_section_title": "Choose Your Color", "plans_section_title": "Choose a subscription plan", "plans_section_text": "Using OrCam Learn requires an active subscription", "continue_button_text": "Check Out ", "faqs": [ { "question": " Which countries is OrCam Learn available for purchase in?", "answer": "OrCam Learn is currently available for purchase in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom." }, { "question": " What are the subscription options?", "answer": "We offer 3 subscription plans. Either pay monthly, annually, or a lifetime subscription. See above for details." }, { "question": " What's included in the subscription? ", "answer": "Get full access to all of OrCam Learn's features with your subscription, including data reports and analytics, interactive reading-fluency, comprehension assessment, exam mode, and much more." }, { "question": " Can I stop my subscription at any time?", "answer": "You can ask to stop the subscription at any time, and still use it until the next payment (monthly would work until the following month, and annual would work until the following year). Once the subscription cycle is over (either monthly or annually), the device will deactivate itself and you won`t be able to use any of the device's functionalities. Please note that refunds are not available for the already paid Membership Fee." }, { "question": " How do I stop my subscription?", "answer": "Subscriptions are canceled through the app\/website or by sending an email to learn.support@orcam.com" }, { "question": " What is the return policy?", "answer": " How do I return the device? You can receive a full refund if you notify OrCam within 30 days of delivery. In order to return your device within the return period, please click this link and type into the search bar \u201chow to return my device\u201d." }, { "question": " If I stop my subscription within the first 30 days will I get my subscription fee back?", "answer": "You will get back the money you paid for the device, but not the subscription fee." }, { "question": "What is the warranty policy? The warranty for the device is 2 years", "answer": "The warranty for the device is 2 years." }, { "question": "What are the payment options?", "answer": " We accept all major credit cards." }, { "question": "Is shipping free? ", "answer": "Yes, shipping is free." }, { "question": "Where do I manage my subscription? ", "answer": "Subscriptions are managed through the website or via the OrCam Learn app." }, { "question": " Do I need to return the device if I stop my subscription? ", "answer": "After the initial 30 days, you do not need to return the device if you stop your subscription." }, { "question": "Can I restart my subscription once it's been canceled?", "answer": " Yes, via the website." }, { "question": "Can I change to a different subscription plan once I've already started paying (from monthly to annually, for example)? ", "answer": "Yes, via the website." }, { "question": " Will my subscription auto-renew by default? Where can I change this setting?", "answer": "Your subscription will automatically continue to be active and renew each payment period until you cancel it (either month-by month or year-by-year depending on your chosen option). You can stop the subscription at any time via the app or website as described above." } ], "organization_box_title": "Organization", "organization_box_text": "For School, high school or other organizations that need additional security, control, and support", "organization_box_button_text": "Contact Us", "icons": [ { "title": "Free Shipping", "text": "Automatically included with all online orders" }, { "title": "30-Day Guarantee", "text": "Full refund available within 30 days of delivery" }, { "title": "1 Year Warranty", "text": "Coverage of any device defects" } ] }, "2nd_step_content": { "email_address_title": "Email address", "email_address_text": "We need your email address so we can send you some order update", "phone_nnumber_title": "Phone number", "phone_number_text": "We need your phone to send you confirmation code and to activate your account", "continue_button_text": "Send me the code", "sales_tax_statement": "Applicable taxes will be added upon confirmation of shipping address", "confirmation_code_title": "Confirmation code", "confirmation_code_text": "We`ve sent a code to the phone number and email address you entered. Please Enter the code you received." }, "3rd_step_content": { "delivery_address_title": "Delivery address ", "continue_button_text": "Delivery to this address", "billing_address_title": "Billing address" }, "4th_step_content": { "payment_step_title": "Payment", "future_payments_statement": "By providing your card information, you allow OrCam Inc to charge your card for future payments in accordance with their terms.", "place_order_button_text": "Place order " }, "page_class": "", "product_page_title": "", "tech_spec_page": "", "overview_page": "", "cart_url": "", "prices": false, "url_floater": "", "text_floater": "" }