OrCam Learn: A Solution for Dyslexia Challenges

An innovative tool for improving reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence for people with learning challenges

Unlock Your Learning and Reading Potential with OrCam Learn

Our innovative assistive technology tool reads text out loud from any surface, providing feedback and analysis to improve your reading fluency and comprehension.

Unlock Your Reading Potential

With the "Reading Pal" feature, learners can read any text out loud to the device, and receive conversational and encouraging responses.

The OrCam Learn solution enables our students to be as independent as possible with their learning experience, and as headteacher I absolutely recommend it.

Michelle Catterson

Executive Headteacher at Moon Hall School, UK Vice Chair, British Dyslexia Association

“I am able to do schoolwork by myself now! And I can read a whole book through and enjoy it... My grades improved so much. Went from a C all the way to an A.”

Aidan Lane, 13 years old, The Thomas Hardye School

Student at The Thomas Hardye School

Experience Unmatched Care with OrCam Learn

At OrCam Learn, we prioritize our users' satisfaction and understand that finding the right assistive technology tool can be a big decision. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from selecting the right plan to tracking your progress and seeing the difference OrCam Learn can make in your reading and learning journey.

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