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OrCam Learn is a powerful, award-winning AI device that supports students with reading and learning differences.

The OrCam Learn solution enables our students to be as independent as possible with their learning experience, and as headteacher I absolutely recommend it.

Michelle Catterson

Executive Headteacher at Moon Hall School, UK Vice Chair, British Dyslexia Association

“I am able to do schoolwork by myself now! And I can read a whole book through and enjoy it... My grades improved so much. Went from a C all the way to an A.”

Aidan Lane, 13 years old, The Thomas Hardye School

Student at The Thomas Hardye School

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Annual Subscription

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24 Months Subscription

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Read Easily From Any Book or Digital Surface

Simply point and click, and OrCam Learn instantly reads out loud from any book, digital screen, or classroom handout.

Increase Reading Fluency and Accuracy

Read any text to OrCam Learn, and get immediate, conversational, and encouraging feedback on your reading.

Boost Reading Comprehension

Get instant feedback, reading comprehension tests reading comprehension by asking content-related questions.

Personal AI Companion

Cloud-based analytics, reporting and personalized learning guides.

Feel At Ease When You Buy

A warranty is included with OrCam Learn, as well as a money-back guarantee. Cancel at any time.

Free Shipping

Free shipping automatically included with all online orders.

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Reads text from any printed or digital surface

Simply point & click, and OrCam Learn reads out loud a full page, paragraph, or single word, including from a book, digital screen, or classroom handout.

Your Reading Pal

The "Reading Pal" feature lets the user read any text out loud to the device, and receives conversational and encouraging feedback.

Assesses Reading Comprehension

When the child finishes reading any text to the device, OrCam Learn assesses their reading comprehension by asking content-related questions and providing immediate feedback.

Ace Your Tests

Exam Mode allows you to take exams independently. The device works offline and connects to wired and wireless headphones.

Track Your Progress and Growth

Receive reports for every reading session, showing progress on reading time, accuracy, and text difficulty level.

Empowerment. Confidence. Success.

A Deep Dive Into OrCam Features

All You Need To Know About OrCam Learn

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards.

  • What are the subscription options?

    We offer three subscription plans: Monthly, Annual, and 24 Months

  • What is included in the subscription?

    The subscription provides full access to all OrCam Learn's advanced features, including interactive reading (the “Reading Pal” feature), comprehension assessment, exam mode, and data reports & analytics.

  • In which countries is OrCam Learn currently available for purchase?

    OrCam Learn is currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

  • Who could benefit from OrCam Learn?

    OrCam Learn was developed for students with reading and learning challenges, such as dyslexia, as well as any student who could benefit from additional support in their studies. It allows students to have text read to them from any surface, as well as read to the handheld device and be evaluated on their reading and comprehension. Additionally, OrCam Learn empowers parents and educators to effectively guide their support of young learners by using OrCam Learns’ data reports and analytic insights.

  • What is the return policy? How do I return the device?

    With the Rent option, you can receive a full return of your deposit upon returning your gently used and unbroken handheld device within 60 days after your subscription ends or your account becomes inactive. With the Lifetime option, you can receive a full refund of your payment for the handheld device by notifying OrCam and returning the device, within 30 days of delivery. To return your device within the 30-day period, please click on this link and enter “how to return my device” in the search bar.

  • What is the warranty term?

    The warranty period for a device purchased under the Lifetime option is one year. Devices under the Rent option shall be serviced at no cost, according to our Terms and Conditions. Read more in our Terms and Conditions section.

  • Is shipping free?

    Yes, shipping is free.

  • Can I have more information about the subscription plan?

    Can I stop my annual subscription at any time?
    You can request to stop your Monthly or Annual subscription at any time, and it will remain in effect for the remainder of the subscription period (one-month or 12-month periods, respectively).
    Please note that refunds are not available for the prepaid Annual subscription fee following 30 days of delivery of the handheld device (see here for more information). In order not to incur unnecessary costs, please make sure you cancel your subscription prior to the beginning of your next subscription cycle (month or year, depending on the type of subscription).
    Read more in our Terms and Conditions section.

    Can I stop my lifetime subscription?
    You can request to stop your lifetime subscription and be eligible for refund of the prepaid lifetime subscription fee only following 30 days of delivery of the handheld device.

    How do I stop my annual or lifetime subscription?
    Subscriptions may be canceled on the OrCam website, through the OrCam Learn app, or by emailing learn.support@orcam.com.

    If I stop my subscription within the first 30 days, will my subscription fee be refunded?
    Upon stopping your Annual subscription within 30 days, you will be refunded the entire Annual subscription fee minus 1 month subscription fee (this deduction is for the cost of the subscription for one month).

    Where do I manage my subscription?
    Subscriptions are managed through the OrCam website or the OrCam Learn app.

    Can I restart my subscription after it's been canceled?
    Yes, you can do so on the OrCam website.

    Can I change my subscription to a different plan once I've already started paying?
    You can change from a Monthly to an Annual or Lifetime subscription at any time on the OrCam website. You can change from an Annual to a Monthly subscription at the end of the Annual subscription period. You can change from a Lifetime to a Monthly or an Annual subscription only within the 30-day period following the delivery of the handheld device. If you select this option, then you will automatically be converted to renting the device. You will receive a refund for the Lifetime purchase price except for the security deposit to rent the device. You will then be placed on the Monthly or Annual subscription that automatically renews.

    Will an annual subscription auto-renew by default? Where can I change this setting?
    A Monthly or an Annual subscription will continue to renew automatically at the end of each subscription period, unless you cancel it. We will send you a reminder before your Annual subscription is about to renew. You can cancel the subscription at any time. To change or cancel your subscription, go to your OrCam Learn App or email us at learn.support@orcam.com.