Introducing OrCam Learn

An AI-powered integrative solution designed for students to read and learn, enhancing their comprehension, fluency & confidence
So every student finds their possible!

Award-Winning Tech that Covers All Bases

Our solution combines a voice-activated, interactive handheld device, intuitive web & mobile apps, and robust analytics & reporting. OrCam Learn provides students with an engaging learning experience, while keeping parents & educators fully informed on their progress.

Reading as Easy as 1-2-3

Simply point & click. OrCam Learn reads out loud a full page, paragraph, or single word - of the student's choosing - including from a book, digital screen, or classroom handout.

Meet Your New Reading Pal

The best way to practice reading is to read out loud. With the breakthrough "Reading Pal" feature, your child can improve reading fluency by reading any text to OrCam Learn, and then receiving immediate feedback about it.

Track Progress Over Time

Our solution generates reports based on performance over a given time period – a day, week, or month – enabling parents & educators to gain insight on students' progress across all metrics.

Read at Your Own Pace

Expertly designed for aspiring readers, OrCam Learn will match the student’s desired pace of reading, and even for reading word-by-word with adjustable pauses.

Read Anywhere

At home, in school, or outdoors – Read with OrCam Learn anywhere you go, because the Out Loud Reading feature operates completely offline.

Just Listen, However You Want

Seamlessly connect Bluetooth enabled devices to OrCam Learn. Either listen privately with wireless headphones (wired connection available as well) or, out loud via the device’s internal speaker or connect to wireless ones.

Exam Mode

Activating OrCam Learn’s ‘Exam Mode’ ensures there is no possibility of any WiFi or cloud connectivity. This offline setting complies with general school exam requirements, and guarantees students complete tests and examinations independently.

OrCam Learn App

Intuitive Mobile App

The OrCam Learn mobile app provides our full suite of reports, tips & tutorials – and can also control the handheld device for volume and reading speed

More Great Stuff is on the Way

Building up Reading Comprehension
OrCam Learn provides feedback to parents & educators on which areas the student needs to focus on by providing data.

Learning Guidance Gets Personal
OrCam Learn tests the student's reading comprehension of the text that was read, by asking text-related generated questions, and providing instant feedback on the student’s responses.

Because Every Student has Their Own Style

OrCam Learn Technical Specifications

What's In The Box

OrCam Learn Device

Cleaning cloth


Charging cable

Wired earphones

Wall charger

Technical Specs

Size and Weight

Device: 44.5 gr/1.57 oz Device+Box: 326.5 gr/11.52 oz 122 mm x 25 mm x 13 mm / 4.80 in x 0.98 in x 0.51 in






13 Megapixels


Available in 6 colors


  • Who is OrCam Learn for?

    OrCam Learn empowers independence and contributes to users’ self-esteem and confidence. It promotes an even playing field and supports both teachers and parents in creating a fruitful environment for students to succeed, regardless of the challenge they are facing. Thanks to OrCam Learn, students, parents, and teachers all over the world can finally have the confidence and the tools to foster excellence.

  • How do I purchase OrCam Learn?

    OrCam is eligible for DSA and we would be happy to help you acquire OrCam Learn at a lower cost. If you are interested in OrCam Learn, please contact us through the following link:

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30-Day Guarantee

Full refund available within 30 days of delivery

1-Year Warranty

Coverage of any device defects

OrCam Learn is Revolutionary

Breakthrough Digital Reader

First and only device to capture full pages & screens

For All Learning Challenges

Suitable for dyslexia, dyspraxia, aphasia, and other conditions.


Handheld, lightweight, and compact.