Discover what OrCam Learn can do for your students.

We created OrCam Learn to help educators fully support students as they study. Integrated into day-to-day school life, it empowers students with learning challenges, whilst data & analytics free up teachers to spend less time assessing, and more time teaching.

Read with ease, anywhere anytime

By a simple point & click, OrCam Learn instantly reads out loud from a book, digital screen, or classroom handout. Intuitive and compact, it fits seamlessly into any learner’s routine, works offline, and connects to wired and wireless headphones.

Allows students to learn in real time

The best way to practice reading is to read out loud. With the breakthrough "Reading Pal" feature, the student can improve reading fluency by reading any text to OrCam Learn and receiving immediate feedback.

Builds reading comprehension

We know that students learn faster when the experience is interactive. OrCam Learn tests reading comprehension by asking content-related questions, and providing instant assessment of the student’s responses.

Provides detailed & insightful analytics

Collecting data from every reading session, OrCam Learn informs teachers as they navigate students’ progress, and school administrators as they allocate resources.

Includes Exam Mode

OrCam Learn’s offline Exam Mode complies with general school exam requirements, and enable students to complete exams independently

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