Unleash the potential of your students

Powered by award-winning AI technology, OrCam Learn is an innovative, new solution that supports teachers and schools, enabling every student to explore their full potential – by offering practical reading support, feedback, analysis and reporting.

A powerful new solution for students with reading and learning challenges

OrCam Learn combines a sleek handheld device for students with extensive analytics & reporting, delivered on an intuitive web platform for teachers and schools. A powerful and holistic solution designed to help every student thrive.

Makes reading and learning flow for every student

OrCam Learn offers students with learning and reading challenges a personal and immersive educational experience. It gives them the support and encouragement to read independently and reduce reliance on teachers and teaching assistants.

Read with ease from any surface

Simply point and click, and OrCam Learn instantly reads out loud from a book, digital screen, or classroom handout

Increase reading fluency & accuracy

Read any text to OrCam Learn, and get immediate, conversational, and encouraging feedback on their reading


OrCam Learn tests reading comprehension by asking content-related questions, and provides instant feedback on the responses

Enables teachers to focus on teaching

OrCam Learn provides teachers with the insight and support they need to guide students with learning challenges more effectively; freeing them up to spend less time assessing and more time teaching.

Monitors progress as they learn

Every OrCam Learn reading session generates an automatic analytics report. Listening to the student, it evaluates their reading, by capturing a variety of metrics most commonly used by reading specialists.

Identifies areas of improvement for each student

Through analysing data from student reading sessions, OrCam Learn identifies areas of challenge, and equips teachers to navigate each student’s learning journey

More teaching, less assessing

OrCam Learn’s ongoing progress-tracking for each student allows teachers more time to focus on core educational activities, rather than assessment

Freeing up teaching assistants

Enabling students to work independently can free up teaching assistants

Alleviating logistical pressures

OrCam Learn’s Exam Mode allows students to take exams with their entire class, freeing up scheduling and space constraints

Help Every Student Find Their Possible

Helping those students is often resource-intensive and educators could benefit greatly from continuous monitoring and measurement of progress.

The OrCam Learn solution enables our students to be as independent as possible with their learning experience, and as headteacher I absolutely recommend it.

Michelle Catterson

Executive Headteacher, Moon Hall School, Reigate, UK Chair of Board of Trustees, British Dyslexia Association

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